Badal Giri Waterfall, ବାଦଲ ଗିରି ଜଳପ୍ରପାତ, Sundargarh, Rourkela, Odisha

Tucked away in the verdant folds of the Bamra-Gangpur forest range, lies Badal Giri Waterfall, a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Whispering 13 kilometers from Boneikela and 60 kilometers from the bustling city of Rourkela, it’s a haven for those seeking an escape into nature’s embrace.

The journey to Badal Giri itself is an adventure. Wind through winding paths, enveloped by lush greenery, until the melody of cascading water guides you to your destination. The sight is spellbinding: a two-tiered waterfall, gushing with life throughout the year, its sound a sweet lullaby against the backdrop of whispering leaves.

ବାଦଲ ଗିରି ଜଳପ୍ରପାତ | Badal Giri Waterfall

After a brisk 1-2 kilometer walk along the hilly track, the full majesty of Badal Giri unfolds. While it beckons with the promise of a refreshing dip or a fun family picnic, caution is advised. The lack of bathing facilities and uneven terrain necessitate responsible enjoyment.

Despite its untamed beauty, Badal Giri holds its charm. It’s a place to soak in the raw power of nature, the symphony of cascading water, and the vibrant greens that paint the landscape. A hidden gem in Sundargarh’s crown, it waits for those who seek a connection with the untamed heart of the wilderness.

ବାଦଲ ଗିରି ଜଳପ୍ରପାତ | Badal Giri Waterfall

So, if you’re an adventurer at heart, pack your bags and let the song of Badal Giri guide you. Just remember, respect its wild allure, and let your experience be a tale whispered by the falling waters.

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Opening Time

Badal Giri Waterfall’s opening time is Everyday Morning from 8 am to Evening 6 pm

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Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Badal Giri Waterfall is from November to June and the winter season

Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest Bus stop is Gurundia, which is located around 25 Km distance from Badal Giri Waterfall

Nearest Railway Station

The Nearest Railway Station is Rourkela, which is located around 60 Km distance from Badal Giri Waterfall

Nearest Airport

The nearest Airport is Veer Surendra Sai Airport, Jharsuguda, which is located around 125 Km distance from Badal Giri Waterfall

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