Top-10 famous beaches in Odisha

1. Puri Beach

Soak up the Sun at Puri Beach: An Unforgettable Experience

2. Konark Beach

A Guide to Enjoy the Best Attractions  at Konark Beach

3. Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach - An Unforgettable Vacation Destination

4. Swargadwar Sea Beach,

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Swargadwar Sea Beach

5. Gopalpur Beach

The Best Activities for a Perfect Day at Gopalpur Beach

6. Chandipur Beach

A unique beach where the sea recedes for 5 km twice a day during ebb tides.

7. Ramchandi Beach

Ramchandi Beach – A Must Watch, Must Visit place of Odisha

8. Talasari Beach

Talasari Beach, Odisha: A Paradise along the Bay of Bengal

9. Pati Sonepur Beach

Take a break at unspoilt Pati Sonepur Beach in Odisha

10. Dagara Beach

Dagara Beach is a serene and  unspoiled beach located near  Konark in Odisha, India.

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