Ambapani Wildlife Sanctuary, Nabarangpur, Odisha

Ambapani Wildlife Sanctuary is 77 kilometers from Bhawanipatna. The scenic Ambapani hills provide a panoramic view of nature. A frolicking valley in this hill range known as “Haladigundi” has some unusual features due to the sun’s reflected rays. Objects of vision appear yellow in the morning and evening.

Ambapani Wildlife Sanctuary

Some of the most distinctive species found in the state include the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, which congregate in large numbers at nesting sites along the Odisha coast. The elusive blue-eyed white tiger and Irrawaddy dolphins are two other rare species. Teak, bamboo, sal, and rosewood trees grow in dense forest cover throughout Odisha, resulting in an enriched ecological system. Migratory birds flock to Chilka Lake and the forests of Odisha to join the existing flocks of resident birds.

The Asiatic Elephant, Indian Pangolin, Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, and Flying Cats are among the other animals found in the state. Bhitarkanika, Simlipal, and Nandankanan are popular wildlife sanctuaries. Odisha’s natural beauty is both pristine and exciting, and it invites all visitors and nature enthusiasts to come and enjoy its immense ecological beauty and variety.

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