Bhubaneswar Tourism

Bhubaneswar’s history stretches back 2,000 years when the city was named Tri Bhubaneswar (‘Lord of the Three Worlds’) and still retains India’s finest temples around which the religious and spiritual life of the city revolves. Developed over centuries, the city has countless pages related to its history till the end of Hindu rule A trip to Bhubaneswar along with Puri and Konark forms a ‘Golden Triangle’ which is one of the most visited destinations in East India. Set in the Mahanadi Delta, Bhubaneswar is a modern happening place loved by travelers of all age groups with best-in-class infrastructure that provides them with a quality lifestyle and refinement. The boasting of magnificent sculptures and majestic architectural heritage are other factors that make Bhubaneswar a must-visit destination for travelers.

While visiting the 8th-10th century temple, visitors will be reminded of the significance of the past One of them is the magnificent religious structure Lingaraj Temple which consists of 50 shrines of various sizes dedicated to various Hindu deities. The architecture and sculptures, artistic carvings, and vast collection of motifs make these temples unique and a must-visit. By visiting the twin hills of Kumaragiri and Kumaragiri, known as Chandragiri and Udayagiri, you will see a variety of rock-cut caves that were built for Jain monks in the 1st-2nd century B.C.