The Chariot Festival, Puri, Odisha

Chariot Festival, the three chariots of Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Jagannath are built every year with the wood of certain trees such as phasi, dhusa etc. traditionally brought from the former prince Daspala, who has hereditary rights and authority. Same. These are traditionally rafted in rivers These are collected near Puri and then transported by road.

These three chariots, built anew every year and decorated according to a unique scheme, and the Bada Danda, followed for centuries, stood on Grand Avenue. Covered with a bright floor made of red cloth, mixed with black, yellow, and blue, these huge chariots are lined up on the wide road in front of the great temple near its eastern entrance, also known as Sinhawara. lion door.

Chariot Festival Rath Yatra Puri

Chariot Festival

Lord Jagannath’s chariot is called Nandigosa It is forty feet high and twenty-five feet square at wheel level It has sixteen wheels, each seven feet in diameter, and is decorated with covers made of red and yellow cloth. Identified with Lord Jagannath Krishna, who is also known as Pitambara, he is dressed in golden yellow robes and has yellow markings on the floor of this chariot.

Lord Balabhadra’s chariot, called Taladwaja, has palm trees on its flag, fourteen wheels, every seven feet in diameter, and is covered with red and blue cloth. Its height is forty feet

The Subhadra chariot, known as the Mirrordalana, literally treads of pride, is forty feet high with twelve wheels, every seven feet in diameter. The chariot is decorated with a covering of red and black cloth, black traditionally associated with Shakti and the Mother Goddess.

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Around each chariot are nine Parsava deities, with wooden figures representing various deities on the sides of the chariot Each chariot is attached to four horses These are of different colors – white for Balabhadra, dark for Jagannath and red for Subhadra Each chariot has a charioteer called Sarathi The three chariots attached to the chariots of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are Matali, Daruka and Arjuna respectively.

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