Puri Tourism

Planning a trip to Puri? Here is our list of the 16 best tourist places to visit in Puri. Puri Tourism major four Dhams of Hinduism, Puri is the ancient city that brings the magic of tourist attractions that can win hearts in a blink of an eye. Only when he chants Lord Jagannath’s name with many pilgrimages to Puri does he feel the source of peace in his soul.

The district of Puri has its headquarters named Puri. According to Cunningham, the ancient name of the city was Charitra, which was mentioned by the Chinese pilgrim Huen Tang as Che-li-ta-lo. But the restoration of the word Che-li-ta-lo and its identification with the city of Puri is doubtful The city’s importance as a seat of Vaishnavism increased when Chodaganga deva Pursottama built a temple of Jagannath and installed images of the deities. Later, it became famous as the abode of Purushottama and was popularized as the Purushottama field

In 1912 the new provinces of Bihar and Odisha were formed and later Odisha became a separate province in 1936. After its merger with Odisha on 1 January 1948, the total area of Nayagarh, Daspala, Khudpara, and Ranpur was. 3941 sq. km., a separate sub-division comprising these former states added the district of Puri to its headquarters at Niagara. The fourth sub-division of Bhubaneswar was established on 26 January 1959.

The old Puri district consisted of four sub-divisions. Puri Sadar, Khordha, Bhubaneswar, and Nayagarh Puri Sadar sub-division consisted of four tehsils

  1. Krishna Prasad
  2. Sadar
  3. Pipili
  4. Nimpara

Again by 1995 Puri district was divided into 3 districts viz. Niagara district consists of Niagara sub-division 2. Khurda District comprising Khordha and Bhubaneswar sub-divisions 3. Puri District consists of the Puri Sadar sub-division only