Odisha Paintings

Odisha Paintings – Discoveries of sheik sketches and pictographic compositions in the western part of Orissa (Odisha) show the presence of Jogimath at Bikramkhol in Arsuguda, Manikmada, and Ushakothi in Sundargarh, Gudhandi in Kalahandi and Nuapada localities. Ancient works in Odisha (Orissa).

Artistic creations range from small geometric and floral motifs to large animal themes and human figures chasing, battling, moving, and performing local actions. Most divisors take after a consecutive, even instance The colors used are red from the press, darker from the copper, and white from the lime mixture The characters of the pictographic works seem, by all accounts, to be a mixture of those derived from the themes of Mohenjo-Daro and Brahmi. The Rabbit Umbrella Rock at Sitabanji in the Keonhar region contains art of high request, depicting a parade scene of the Lord riding a caprice elephant with troop-carrying shawls and standards by a female expert. This composition is reminiscent of Ajanta wall paintings Magnificent wall paintings abound in the Jagannath Temple, Buddha Vijaya images in the Jaganmohan of the Lakshmi Temple, and Kanchi Vijaya in the Jaganmohan of the Jagannath Sanctuary.