Biswanath Temple, Mundia Hill Station, Delang, Puri, Odisha

The Biswanath Temple is a revered Hindu shrine perched atop the sublime Biswanath Mundia hill in the Khordha district of Odisha. It is located about 20 km away from the famous Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar and 37 km from the iconic Jagannath Temple in Puri.

The Biswanath Mundia Hill is part of the picturesque Delang valley and rises to an elevation of nearly 100 meters. The hill offers magical vistas of verdant rice fields, meandering rivers, and distant villages. Along with its natural splendor, the hill holds profound historical and spiritual significance. Archaeologists have uncovered remnants of several Buddhist stupas and monasteries that once dotted the Biswanath landscape during antiquity. The ancient monastery of Dignaga, founded by the eminent Buddhist monk and philosopher Dignāga, was situated here as well.

Biswanath Temple, Mundia Hill Station, Delang, Puri, Odisha

The extant Biswanath Temple was constructed in the traditional Kalinga style of architecture. Its pyramidal sanctum enshrines a prominent Shiva Lingam, the aniconic symbol of Lord Shiva. The temple derives its name from Lord Biswanath, one of the many epithets of Lord Shiva as the ‘Master of the Universe’. To reach the temple on the hilltop, devotees must ascend almost 200 uneven stone steps. The effort is rewarded with sweeping views of the countryside from the temple’s elevated compound.

Every year, the Biswanath Temple celebrates Maha Shivaratri, the ‘Great Night of Shiva’ in grandeur, drawing thousands of Shaivite devotees. Maha Bisuba Sankranti is another important festival marked here with fervor. The temple also preserves an ancient sculpture of Lord Vishnu’s Varaha avatar that attracts archaeology enthusiasts.

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Biswanath Temple, Mundia Hill Station, Delang, Puri, Odisha

The scenic and tranquil environs of Biswanath Mundia make it a popular nature getaway for urban residents. Watching the sunrise and sunset from the hilltop temple also offers a magical experience. The Odisha Tourism Development Corporation organizes regular trips to this ancient temple from Bhubaneshwar and Puri. So embark on an unforgettable spiritual journey to the Biswanath shrine by booking affordable tour packages online today!

Biswanath Temple, Mundia Hill Station, Delang, Puri, Odisha

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Opening Time

Mundia Hill’s open time is Monday to Sunday 6 am to Evening 7 pm

Ideal Time to visit

The best time to visit Biswanath Hill is all time of the Year

Nearby Bus Stand and Distance

The nearest Bus stop is at Bhubaneswar, Which is around 37 km from Mundia Hill

Nearby Railway Station and Distance

The nearest Railway Station is at Bhubaneswar, Which is around 37 KM distance from Biswanath Mundia Hill

Nearest Airport & Distance

The nearest Airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar, Which is around 38 km from Biswanath Mundia Hill

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