Dekrajodi Waterfall, Bhejangiwada, Malkangiri, Odisha

Discover the mesmerizing Dekrajodi Waterfall nestled in the heart of Malkangiri, a captivating and expert-recommended invitation for responsible travelers seeking awe-inspiring natural wonders. Merely 20 kilometers from Kalimela and 51 kilometers from the bustling town of Malakangiri, this oasis stands as a trusted and authoritative testament to the harmonious convergence of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. An authentic scenic haven, attracting enthusiasts from both states to partake in a delightful and family-friendly picnic experience.

Dekrajodi Waterfall, Bhejangiwada, Malkangiri, Odisha

Within the proximity of Dekrajodi, time-honored tribal statues spring to life, vividly and accurately portraying the customs and traditions of the indigenous people. The serene backdrop of the waterfall amplifies its inherent, natural beauty, creating an atmosphere of tranquility that enchants all who visit. A genuine spectacle, particularly during the ideal winter season, enticing groups to embark on memorable and safe picnic adventures.

Not far away lies Ekagudi Waterfall, another jewel in the array of Malkangiri’s top attractions. A favored and kid-friendly picnic spot, it significantly contributes to the district’s allure, beckoning exploration of Odisha’s diverse landscapes.┬áPlan your next vacation to see these breathtaking waterfalls and enriching cultural sights for yourself! Book your travel itinerary today for an unforgettable and authentic Odisha experience.

Dekrajodi Waterfall, Bhejangiwada, Malkangiri, Odisha

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Ideal Time to visit

The ideal time to visit Dekrajodi Waterfall is between October and June, during the winter season.

Nearest Bus Stop from Dekrajodi Waterfall

The nearest bus stop is Kalimela, which is located about 20 kilometers from Dekrajodi Picnic Spot.

Nearest Railway Station & Distance

The Nearest Railway Station is Jeypore, which is located around 157 Km distance from Dekrajodi Picnic Spot

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Nearest Airport and Distance from Dekrajodi Waterfall

The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, which is approximately 674 kilometers from Dekrajodi Picnic Spot.

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