Ghumar Waterfall, Nabarangpur, Odisha

Ghumar Waterfall and Mangardora Shiva Temple are breathtaking natural and cultural attractions located in the lush Benakhamar Reserve Forest in Nabarangpur District, Odisha, India.

The Ghumar Waterfall is considered one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region. Cascading down from a height of about 100 feet, the waterfall is fed by streams flowing through the forested hills. Visitors can hike short trails leading to vantage points with panoramic views of the majestic waterfall set amidst the verdant forested landscape.

Ghumar Waterfall, Nabarangpur, Odisha

Just 7 km away lies the ancient Mangardora Shiva Temple, nestled picturesquely inside a natural cave. The temple houses a revered shiva linga worshipped as Neelkanteshwar, named after the blue throats of Lord Shiva from drinking poison during the Samudra Manthan legend. The temple cave exudes a sublime spiritual aura surrounded by wooded hills teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

During the annual Maha Shivratri Mela festival, thousands of devotees flock to Mangardora Shiva Temple to attend the vibrant celebrations, making it the most prominent place of worship in the region. The area also has scenic nature trails for day hikes amidst serene natural surroundings.

Ghumar Waterfall, Nabarangpur, Odisha

With easy accessibility from major cities like Nabarangpur and rich natural as well as cultural heritage, Ghumar Waterfall and Mangardora Shiva Temple have emerged as popular eco-tourism and pilgrimage attractions in Odisha. The sights offer the perfect blend of nature, adventure, and spirituality.

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Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest Bus stop is Tentulikhunti, which is located around 7 Km distance from Magardora Shiva temple

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Nearest Railway Station

The Nearest Railway Station is Jeypore, which is located around 72 Km distance from Ghumar waterfall & park

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, which is located around 513 Km distance from Mangardora Shiva temple

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Ghumar Waterfall is from October to June and the winter season.

Open Timing

Magardora Shiva Temple & Ghumar Waterfall opening time is Monday to Sunday morning 8 am to Evening 5 pm

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