Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalahandi, Odisha

In the heart of Kalahandi district lies the captivating Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary, drawing a multitude of annual visitors and standing as a distinguished tourist hotspot in Odisha. Positioned 15 kilometers away from Bahwanipatna, this sanctuary spans an expansive 175 square kilometers. Nestled amidst the Eastern Highlands, a perennial deciduous forest blankets this locale.

Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalahandi, Odisha

The sanctuary plays host to a diverse array of plant species, while its inhabitants include the elusive mouse deer, elegant sambar, nimble nilgai, elusive leopard, majestic tiger, and the vocal barking deer. Among the avian residents, rare gems such as the green munia and the captivating great-earednightraj stand out. The forest also shelters a plethora of reptilian life.

Delve into the realms of Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary in Kalahandi, Odisha, gaining crucial insights into the intricate tapestry of its flora and fauna. Orissa stands renowned for its opulent historical legacy, intricate temple architecture, and an array of natural wonders, including wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, bird sanctuaries, and tiger reserves.Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalahandi, Odisha

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Opening Time

Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary’s opening time is Monday to Sunday 9 am to Evening 6 pm

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to June and the winter season.

Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest Bus stop is Bhawanipatna, which is located around 58 KM distance from Karlapat Sanctuary

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Nearest Railway Station

The Nearest Railway Station is Bhawanipatna, which is located around 63 KM distance from Karlapat Sanctuary

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar, which is located around 457 KM distance from Karlapat Sanctuary

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