Puri Weather

Puri Weather Location: Odisha, East India
Altitude: Sea Level
Summer temperature: 36oC max and 27oC min
Winter Temperature: 25oC max and 15oC min
Average Rainfall: 135.23 cm
Best time to visit: October to March

Puri city has a tropical climate where the maximum temperature reaches only 36oC and a minimum 15oC. Nestled in the Bay of Bengal, coastal cities have this type of climate. The unspoilt beaches and religious temples of Puri attract countless tourists every year. To really enjoy your stay in Puri, it is important to know about the weather conditions Being a coastal city, the weather of Puri is significantly influenced by the sea The fresh evening and morning breeze on the beach of Puri attracts tourists You can visit Puri throughout the year although a few months is the best time to stay in the city

Summer Weather

Being south of the Tropic of Cancer, the city enjoys a tropical climate Summer months in Puri last from March to June The climate becomes somewhat unbearable in summer, especially for those coming from colder regions as the mercury soars to 36oC and the days are always hot and hot winds blow. Summer temperatures drop to a minimum of 27oC – 28oC If it rains suddenly, the presence of the sea increases the humidity in the city

Monsoon Weather

The monsoon months of June to September receive good and consistent rainfall in Puri Due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal, the city sometimes experiences heavy rainfall during the onset of monsoon The climate becomes very humid during monsoon If you visit the city during this season, you will sweat continuously due to the increase in humidity level The sea also becomes rough during monsoons and many times the beach is closed or people are advised not to go there. Heavy rains occur in the month of July and local watercourses also flood during this time

Winter Weather

The period between October and February is an ideal time to visit Puri and enjoy the pleasant weather Winter season is not severe in this holy city One might need to wear some light woolen clothes at night but otherwise, it is very pleasant to stay in Puri at this time of the year. The temperature here does not drop below 15oC Tourists often plan to visit Puri during the Christmas holidays to enjoy their stay in this beach town.