Boudh Bauda Museum in Baudhgarh, Palasa, Odisha

The Boudh District of Odisha has a rich but debated history. According to epigraphic records, the Bhanja kings occupied the area in the 8th century AD as part of the Khinjali Mandala kingdom. The first known Bhanja ruler, Nettabhanja, initially ruled autonomously over the Dhenkanal region. However, his successor migrated to the Boudh-Sonepur area and established the Khinjali Mandala there as a vassal state of the Bhauma Karas of Tosali. The district later saw an influx of Muslim settlers.

Boudh Bauda Museum in Baudhgarh, Palasa, Odisha

The Boudh District Museum sits adjacent to the Collector’s Office, offering visitors a window into the district’s extensive history. Housed in a 100-year-old building constructed during the reign of a Boudh king, the museum officially opened in 2023 to coincide with the district’s 27th Foundation Day celebrations.

The museum hosts several galleries and chambers covering various aspects of regional history and culture, including royal heritage, terracotta artifacts, coins, archives, Chou art, tourism, notable residents, tribes, handicrafts, scriptures, and more. It also displays artifacts and memorabilia from the era of the kings. Visitors can view handicrafts, ancient relics, unique royal artifacts, art, culture, old books and documents, photographs, and more. Informative signs in multiple languages aim to enrich the visitor experience. As such, the Boudh District Museum has become a must-see destination for tourists interested in the culture of Odisha.

Boudh Bauda Museum in Baudhgarh, Palasa, Odisha

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Nearest Bus Stop and Distance

The nearest Bus stop is Rairakhol, which is located around 12 km from the Boudh Bauda Museum

Nearest Railway Station & Distance

The Nearest Railway Station is Rairakhol, which is located around 24 Km distance from the Boudh Bauda Museum

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Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar, which is located around 240 km from Boudh Bauda Museum.

Boudh Bauda Museum Opening Time

Boudh Bauda Museum’s opening time is Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 am to Evening 1:30 pm and Monday is closed.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Boudh Bauda Museum is from October to March when you will have a pleasant till very hot temperature..

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