Mukulingia Hill View in Kaligadu, Kandhamal, Odisha

Mukulingia Hill View is a tourist attraction in the Kandhamal district of Odisha. The main attraction is the view of the clouds touching the hills. Some say it’s a selfie point and an attractive hill view. Mukulingia Hill View is located near Mukulingia Village, 8 km from G. Udayagiri, and 63 km from Phulbani Town. It’s about 220 km from Bhubaneswar and 65 km from Phulbani. Some say it’s a good place for kids and you don’t need tickets in advance.

Mukulingia Hill View in Kaligadu, Kandhamal, Odisha

The Mukulingia Hill Viewpoint, nestled near Mukulingia Village, is a mere 8 kilometers from G. Udayagiri and 63 kilometers from Phulbani Town. Accessible via a 1-kilometer hilly road, this viewpoint unfolds its scenic charm to those willing to venture the path. Its primary allure lies in the captivating spectacle of clouds gently caressing the mountains, providing a visual feast for visitors.

Mukulingia Hill View in Kaligadu, Kandhamal, Odisha

This locale stands out as an ideal destination for picnics and photography enthusiasts, offering a serene backdrop and picturesque vistas. Mukulingia Hill emerges as a distinguished tourist attraction in Kandhamal, inviting all those seeking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquility of the surroundings.

The natural beauty of the hills and the dense forest attracts many tourists during the winter evenings. When the clouds touch the mountains of the valley during the rainy season, it enchants tourists. Mukulingia Hillocks Viewpoint is one of the most popular tourist places in the Kandhamal District.

Mukulingia Hill View in Kaligadu, Kandhamal, Odisha

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Opening Time

Mukulingia Hill view opening time is Morning 8 am to Evening 6 pm

Mukulingia Hill Station Ideal Time to visit

The best time to visit Mukulingia Hill is from September to March

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Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest Bus stop is G. Udayagiri, which is located around 7 KM distance from Mukulingia Hill Station

Nearest Railway Station from Mukulingia Hill Station

The Nearest Railway Station is Khallikot, which is located around 128 KM distance from Mukulingia Hill Station

Nearest Airport

The Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar, which is located around 213 KM distance from Mukulingia Hill View station

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